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Atri's Solar Eclipse


There is no doubt that Rishi Atri observed and recorded a near total solar eclipse three days before autumnal equinox (Rig Veda 5:40:5 & Sankhyayana Brahmana 24:4). Our eclipse search for Atri’s eclipse using modern software tools, shows that thirteen eclipses occur about three days before autumnal equinox, at latitude of 25 degrees N in the period 1000BC to 5000BC. These thirteen occur somewhere on the globe at 25 N. Since there is uncertainty in earth’s rotational speed any one of these could be a good candidate for Atri’s eclipse. By acceptance of an appropriate delta T model, the choice can be narrowed

If we go by Stephenson’s model, only 1131BC and 1522 BC candidates are valid. However, if we accept Meeus’s model then only one candidate is 4677 BC would be valid.

The 1131 BC or the 1522 BC dates would vindicate those who proclaim all Veda work was around 1400 BC. However, for those who propound much earlier dates, the 4677 BC candidate is the best candidate for Atri’s solar eclipse.

While this document has searched all possible candidates for Atri’s eclipse, it has been difficult to precisely identify Atri’s eclipse. However, the Author has a bias toward the 4677BC date as Atri’s eclipse date based on other astronomical data From Atharvana Veda (19:7), Vedanga Jyotishya and Taittareeya Brahmana texts.


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