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Atri's Solar Eclipse

Retrodating and past eclipses

The mathematical modeling of motions of earth and moon around sun has been perfected since Keplar’s initial work, and has reached a very high degree of accuracy particularly since the advent of space travel and computers. One such work by Jean Meeus [Ref-7] provides numerical algorithms, which take in to account many periodic terms in Moon motion including longitude, latitude, and distance from earth. Such algorithms are embedded in many software codes currently available on market. One such code is LodeStar Pro copy righted by Wayne C Annala in 1994 [Ref- 8]. Annala states that Lodestar pro results have been validated against databases from US Naval Observatory’s Interactive computer Ephemeris, and Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. This article uses Annala’s Lodestar Pro for all eclipse estimations. Different researchers have addressed the issue of dating ancient and well-documented eclipses and arrived at appropriate DeltaT models. The table below lists results these historical eclipse studies. In order to develop confidence in Lodestar Pro used in this present study, following eclipses were checked with some changes to delta T appropriately.

Date Name Eclipse Ref Location Lodestar
30 Nov 3340 BC Irish Megalith Solar Griffin Ireland Yes
09 August 2133BC China Hsi/Ho Solar   China Yes
03 May 1375 BC Ugarit Eclipse Solar Espenak   Yes
05 June 1302 BC Early Chinese Solar Espenak China Yes
16 April 1178 BC Homer’s Odyssey Solar Espenak North Africa Yes
20 April 899 BC China-Double dawn Solar Espenak China Yes
15 June 763 BC Assyrian Eclipse Solar Espenak Mesopotamia Yes
6 April 648 BC Archilocus eclipse Solar Espenak   Yes
28 May 585 BC Herodotus Thales
Medes vs Lydians
Solar Espenak   Yes
19 May 557 BC Siege of Larisa Solar Espenak   Yes
02 Oct 480 BC Xerxes’s eclipse Solar Espenak   Yes
03 Aug 431 BC Peloponnesian war Solar Espenak   Yes
21 March 424 BC Peloponnesian war –8th yr Solar Espenak   Yes

Lodestar Pro could predict all these eclipses and approximate times for given locations suggesting that the algorithms used internally are in approximate agreement with other contemporary research data from others provided proper Delta T was used.


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