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Comparison of Vedic period star name identities from R. H. Allen’s "Star names- Their lore & meaning" of circa 1899 with "Names of Stars from the period of Vedas" from 1999.

Kumbha or Meena

- The figure shows Kumbha and Meena rashi’s corresponding to Aquarius & Pisces. These cover Dhanishta (50% in Makara and 50% in kumbha), Shatabhishaja (100% in Kumbha), Porva Bhadrapada (75% in kumbha and 25% in Meena), Uttara Bhadrapada (100% in Meena) and Revati (100% in Meena). The jyotishya ranges of these are Dhanishta 21h9m to 22h2m, Shatabhishaja 22h2m to22h56m, Poorva Bhadra 22h56m to 23h49m, and Revati 23h49m to 0h42m.

- R.H.Allen identifies (Ref 1- page 200) the constellation Delphinus as Dhanishta. Delphinus has seven stars a,b,g,d,q,h,e . And is located at 20h40m, and 30 degrees north of ecliptic at +13 deg (ecliptic being at –17 degrees), where as Jyotishya range is 21h9m to 22h2m. Balakrishna identifies 55-z, 48-g,52-p,62-h of Aqurarius as Dhanishta

- R.H.Allen identifies 73g Aquarius and 100 nearby stars as Shatabhishaja (ref-1 page55). However, Balakrishna identifies Aquarius 90-f and nearby 100 stars as Shatabhishaja.

- R.H.Allen identifies (ref-1, pages35,325) Pegasi a,b,g as Bhadrapada or Proshtapada with both Poorva and Uttara Bhadrapada being a part of the Pegasus square. However, Balakrishna identifies Pisces 28 w and 18l Psc as Poorva Bhadarpada. He further identifies, 63d -Psc and 71e-Psc as Uttara Bhadrapada. R.H.Allen has not separated identities of Poorva and Uttara Bhadrapada’s.

-Finally R.H.Allen identifies (Ref –1 pages 338,343) 86z-Psc with 35 other nearby stars as Revati. Balakrishna identifies 99h-Psc as Revati.



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