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Comparison of Vedic period star name identities from R. H. Allen’s "Star names- Their lore & meaning" of circa 1899 with "Names of Stars from the period of Vedas" from 1999.

Simha or Leo

- The picture above shows five Nakshathra’s Maghaa(100% in Simha) , Poorva Phalguni(100% in Simha), Uttara Phalguni (25% in Simha & 75% in Kanya), Hastha( 100% in Kanya) and Chithra (50% in Kanya), covering Simha and Kanya raashi. Their ranges, from table 1, are shown as vertical lines.

- R.H.allen (Ref-1, pages 254-257) and Balakrishna(Ref-2) both identify Magha as Regulus.

- However, R.H.Allen identifies Zosma Leo-d (& Leo-q )as Poorva Phalguni (Ref-1 pages 256,260) while Balakrishna proposes Chort Leo-q ( & Leo-d) as Poorva Phalguni. There is agreement between the two on this.

- R.H.Allen proposes (Ref-1 page 258) Denebola Leo-b as Uttara Phalguni, while Balakrishna proposes Zavijava Virgo-5b as Uttara Phalguni

- R.H.Allen proposes (Ref-1 page 182) the four stars of constellation Corvus h/d,g,e,b as Hastha while Balakrishna proposes Porrima Virgo-g as Hastha.

- Both sets of proposals are within the band of ecliptic angle currently used by Jyotisha (Astrology). However, Allen’s proposals deviate much more from the ecliptic.



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