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Comparison of Vedic period star name identities from R. H. Allen’s "Star names- Their lore & meaning" of circa 1899 with "Names of Stars from the period of Vedas" from 1999.

Mithuna or Gemini

- The figure shows Mithuna raashi or the Gemini Constellation. The vedic Jyotishya states that this Raashi consists of Mrigashira (50% in Mithuna), Aardhra(100% in Mithuna) and Punarvasu(75% in Mithuna). Their ranges, from table 1, are shown as vertical lines.

- R.H.Allen’s identifies Betelguese (Ori-58a) as Aardhra (Ref-1,page 311). Balakrishna identifies Al-Hena as Aardhra.

- R.H.Allen identifies Castor as Punarvasu (Ref-1,Page 331), while Balakrishna identifies Pollux as Punarvasu.

- Clearly the proposed identities of these nakshathra’s are different. Allen’s Aardhra is within 5 degrees of his Mrigashira and is a part of constellation Orion. It is 16 degrees away from ecliptic. Balakrishna’s identities are within the proper range of Nakshathra’s. Also they are within 2 degrees of moon traverse band.



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