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Comparison of Vedic period star name identities from R. H. Allen’s "Star names- Their lore & meaning" of circa 1899 with "Names of Stars from the period of Vedas" from 1999.

Mesha or Aries

The picture shows the constellation Mesha or Aries consisting of three stars Ashwini (100% in Mesha), Bharani (100% in Mesha) and Krittika (25% in Mesha) in this constellation. Their ranges along the ecliptic from table 1 are shown as vertical green lines.

- In this figure and in all subsequent figures, Allen’s identitiy is marked ...(H), Balakrishna’s identity is marked …(B). When both identify same star then it is as in Ashwini (H&B)

- In the figure, Aries b 75012 (Hamal) & Aries g 92680 are identified as Ashwini, both by R.H.Allen (Ref-1, Pages 81 and 231) and Balakrishna (1998). Both identities agree.

- Identity of Bharani is shown to be same set of three stars (Aries 33,35 and 41) by R.H. Allen (circa 1890 Ref 1- Pages 292) and Balakrishna(1998).

- Identity of Krittika Nakshathra is shown as Pleiades group of six stars including AlCyone. The identities by both R.H.Allen (Ref-1 page 292/292) and Balakrishna (Ref-2) are same.

- R.H.Allen also calls whole of constellation Equuleus (Ref-1,Page213) as Ashwini, perhaps as a literal translation of Ashwini as horse.



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